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For most modern day cooks, the ease and durability of stainless steel far outweighs the few pitfalls it presents. Stainless steel is not by nature non-stick. It might take years of "seasoning" your pan before you attain any sort of resemblance of non-stick properties, which might be meager at best. Also, stainless steel can be subject to scratching, which typically is not repairable. However, there is actually more to the hammered finish than most people realize. In fact, hammering copper creates small divots or indentations on the surface of the copper.

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Not only does it make the copper look more interesting, it also hardens the metal which causes heat to travel faster throughout. This is a time honored battle between tin and stainless steel. We mentioned the benefits and pitfalls for both so only you can make this choice! Simply put, a thicker based copper pot or pan is more durable and is typically better made. It will not warp, nor will it need additional structural support. This also adds versatility in the type of appliance it is being used -- electric vs.

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Really old copper cookware might be as thick as 3 mm at the base, but vintage and quality modern pieces tend to be in the 2 mm to 2. Also, copper is a precious metal. So thicker copper equals a more valuable piece of cookware.

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Do not waste your time unless you are purely interested in decorative copper pieces with anything less than 2 mm thick. Don't know what 2 mm thick is? Do the "nickel test. The handles and the manner which handles are affixed to the cookware is as important to the quality of the cookware as is the metal itself. But what's in a handle? Most vintage and antique pieces are made really well, but make sure you check for this.

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Typically, bronze, brass, stainless steel, or cast iron are used for handles. Larger pans need a bit more strength, so definitely look for cast iron which provides less heat conductivity than other metals and stays relatively cooler to the touch. Stainless steel follows as a second choice. Unless you're looking for pieces that will be purely used in a decorative capacity, you might want to avoid brass or bronze handles on larger pots or pans.

A sturdy copper bowl is perfect for dessert making -- particularly for whipping egg whites again, tapping in to old episodes of Julia Child's cooking shows and cream. Because it offers very precise temperature control, it is also particularly useful in working with tempered chocolate and sugar caramel, candy, etc. So go ahead with plain, unlined copper for bowls!

At the end of the day, choosing pieces to use in your kitchen is a highly subjective thing. There are a multitude of variables that go into the decision making process: Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. South Carolina Sold by: It is in very good condition - there are no dings or dents - has long cast handle with hanging ring.

There is no lid. It is very clean.

Sits good and flat. A perfect copper fry pan. The handle is 8". Made in France, Baumalu 12 cm copper saucepan. Copper thickness is 1. Tin-lined interior, wrought iron handle, thick walled construction. Minor scuffing on bottom of pan from being on shelf. This item has been used but still has the look. Photos stand for words.

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It is copper with i am assuming stainless steel interior and a crazy heavy brass or bronze handle. It is used, but gently. Beautiful pan of the highest quality.

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Will last for generations to come and is a very handsome piece for your collection. Dutch oven, sauce pan, saute pan. It is marked "Made In France" on the side near the handle. The item pictured is the actual item that you buying.