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After choosing one of the Options and a Date specific Date you can choose the Location to meet your Date. If you and your Date have an awesome Date a special Relationship will always remind you of this Event.


You need to stay near your Date for a Moment after the Event ends for the Relationship to get added. The modding community is the best.

She announced that she was working on this mod in her Discord channel months ago. It was in testing two weeks ago. So many small tweaks for everything and a few bigger gameplay mods on top of that. Why oh why has the terminology and wording in this mod been kept to a level that would be safe for pretty much anyone to see and THEN on the quick huck up screen, when other Sims contact you, has she used the F word?

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Breaks all immersion for me. I know my comment is late but I think with the amount of money and staff EA has for The Sims, I honestly believe they really can pull off a hell of a lot more than what they do dish out. If modders can do it without everything that this company has at their disposal as well as the extra hands to do it, then we should definitely have more.


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Or hire the modders to make the stuff and then buy it from them, something like that. Anyways as far as having time to make something, someone made a very good comment on a vid I saw on YouTube of pretty much every Sims trailer and back in they put out 3 EPs for TS3 so….. Contact Us for further assistance or Resend confirmation e-mail!

I've tried this a couple of times but the Sims to be hooked up always have excuses, i. We won't be dating again anytime soon. What's the point in being able to hook up two Sims if it only works with Sims who are friends, which you can't control with Sims you're not playing? It also is apparently impossible to hook up a member of your own household with anybody. I like the idea of the hook up feature, but it doesn't seem to be a very good thing the way it's designed. Am I missing something? So far it worked 1 out of 4 times in my game, I tried to hook up members of my household with others non-played households.

But I still would want to know how it works, what the requirements for it to work are because right now it just seems kind of random. I kind of like if there is a bit of a challenge. Horse Chaser, Future Youtuber.

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Oh yes every time I've hooked someone up with someone else I've gotten a text that says they are dating the person. The three of four times I have tried it has been successful.

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I'm not too sure of the requirements but you would think it is mandatory for their to be a minimum level friendship, at least - The same way it is for our active Sims to create a romantic interest. I guess it's hard to force relationships. Sometimes they just aren't mean to be together.

Maybe they made it especially rare for it to actually work because of that.

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Like x 1 Winner x 1. I can't quite figure out when it even becomes an option.