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Does this waiting period mean that the governments will eventually reach an agreement on providing a clear mandate to the United Nations for follow-up of the resolutions adopted in Geneva and Tunis? Or is it simply a sign of apathy? And what will be the final mandate of this body, or commission, of coordination? For the time being, the answers to these questions remain completely open-ended.

Did this summit and process actually serve to achieve anything with regard to development? The answer is ambiguous. At the level of paradigms, WSIS brought about a slight advance: Nevertheless, this acknowledgement has not been followed by actions. In fact, due to the systematic opposition of the industrialised countries, WSIS did not give rise to any concrete or significant commitments in terms of international cooperation.

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In the end, it essentially placed the responsibility for bridging the digital divide on the governments of the poor countries and promoted nothing more than ' voluntary' initiatives to build a more equitable global village. A depoliticisation that reaffirms the primacy of the market or of economic interests, and is largely the result of pressure exerted by major economic lobbies, like the International Chamber of Commerce.

And this fact essentially marks the defeat of the hopes raised by WSIS. Tunis was supposed to be the summit of concrete actions and solutions, yet in the end it merely resulted in voluntary, non-binding initiatives.

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Any development-related advances made at WSIS - the introduction of the dollar computer, the Digital Solidarity Fund, open-source software, community networks, etc. But in these future efforts, civil society can now depend on the dynamic of consensus, exchange and coordination created thanks to WSIS: Or the presentation of the initiative by the Senegalese delegation at partnersuche zollernalbkreis.

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For their part, civil society groups released a statement calling for the creation of a specific Commission for the Information Society that would function in accordance with new modalities and guarantee real participation by non-governmental actors. See suche frau um kind zeugen. It also provides a full text search. DE psicologo en linea gratis chat colombia partnersuche online wien krems online lawyer chat philippines. We recognize that it is now time to move from principles to action, considering the work already being done in implementing the Geneva Plan of Action and identifying those areas where progress has been made, is being made, or has not taken place.

Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, November christian dating websites in uk At the level of paradigms, WSIS has brought about a minimal opening. Such was the fate of a point which stated: Through long and heated negotiations, and thanks to the diplomatic activism of developing countries mainly Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Bangladesh, India and Senegal , the final documents of WSIS introduced a nuance in the dominant paradigm, stressing the need to combine private and public financing to bridge the digital divide: For the first time in history, the link between ICTs and poverty reduction is made at a political level: We call upon the international community to promote the transfer of technology on mutually agreed terms, including ICTs, to adopt policies and programmes with a view to assisting developing countries to take advantage of technology in their pursuit of development through, inter alia, technical cooperation and the building of scientific and technological capacity in our efforts to bridge the digital and development divides.

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