Are online dating sites a waste of time

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Are dating sites a waste of time? - The Student Room

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Why online dating is waste of time

Israeli beauty-tech firm Pollogen has launched its Geneo Personal device, which stimulates oxygen from beneath the skin's surface to give you a clearer, fresher face within minutes. The update that really will improve your iPhone. So maybe that's part of the reason. But if it is then it's a bit silly.

Many young guys are balding and many are short. Report 5 years ago 8. Should be alright for you, just use your time travel thingy if you say the wrong thing. Ok, online dating is stupid because average or below average women get a fair share of messages and they can and DO choose to be picky.

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Then they meet a guy they like and the guy realises he can do better and moves on to other fish. This leaves a resenting cycle of rejection for both man and woman. Not only do you need to be attractive, you often need a well written profile. You then to top it off need a eye catching message that'll make the women giggle and get excited.

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  • Just a hi or hey won't cut it. This is because they're being flooded with messages and can only sight the attractive ones or eye catching ones. The even pickier ones will grammar nazi your ass. It's better to hit a bar unless you're really shy and socially awkward. Report 5 years ago 9. Report 5 years ago I'm a mature student in my early 30s and never had the slightest difficulty in getting dates with some very nice girls from mid 20s to early 30s even on free sites like Plenty of Fish. My profile isn't some literary masterwork, I'm probably a little better than average-looking, and I have fairly high standards So I don't understand why everyone says that online dating is so bad for guys.

    Maybe it's an age thing and it only really sucks for guys around the ages of ? Original post by Foo.

    Ergo, it's unlikely to be the case that guy's standards are too high per sae, although possibly too high for the world of online dating! Complete waste of time if you're a guy. Trust me, I'm a bloke in my 30s with several years experience of using them. I've finally given up but for me it's more difficult to meet single women because of my age.

    If you're a youngster stick to the real world. Dating sites can wreck your self esteem.

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    6. Why online dating is waste of time | Daily Mail Online.
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    If you're average looking and, in particular, not tall then forget it. You won't get a look in. Original post by pandabird But who are you to say that? I think that is an utter load of rubbish. What are you basing that on? Maybe you are the one aiming too high?

    Why online dating is waste of time: Websites can predict friends but not who you will fancy

    You do know that psychological statistics say that guys always rate themselves higher, and aim higher whereas girls rate themselves lower and aim lower in terms of appearance. Why should that be the reverse on dating sites? You can say that it's the same IRL in terms of girls receiving more attention than males. I think girls care more about personality on dating sites, where I reckon guys care more about the photos it makes biological sense.


    You say girls care mainly about personality? And the people getting rejects Why didn't they get a chance to "show there personality"? Original post by Michaelj If you could be picky because you're getting tons of messages, why wouldn't you? Just a quick look around the internet will show how wrong you are. Check the POF forums. I am friendly, confident, intelligent, quick to laugh and well liked. But online all the women see if my average appearance and I am short 5'6" to 5'7". Original post by pandabird I know a few girls on POF who are above average in terms of looks and they don't get that many messages, and the majority of the messages they do receive are from douches with photos of themselves touching their six packs lovingly and boasting their twice-daily visits to the gym.

    On a dating site, the first thing you see is the photo yes, but that's just the starting point, you then read the profile. And that is a hell of a lot more important for girls than you think. Now I'm not talking the elephant man, but I am right, within limits. If you are quite a bit below average, then just have patience, make sure your profile is up to scratch and message below average girls. Post your profile description! Original post by pandabird My older sister is dating someone she met on a dating site and he's lovely, she'd never have met someone like him in a club or wherever.

    Original post by gemmam Have you ever actually used a dating site yourself?

    I got a feeling from your post that you haven't. Yes your sister had good luck but I bet she still got her share of messages off married men looking for a bit on the side, chavs saying "hey bbz u fit fancy sum fun? She probably encounted plently of time wasters and had some awful dates to. Oops, nobody has posted in the last few hours.