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WordPress has ALL you need in its core. So you can start working on it from day ONE.

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Joomla is somewhat more abstract in its philosophy, making it a bit more hard to follow for the new user. Especially the way it uses menu items to make things work, which is rather counter intuitive. Things should be content oriented and not revolve around some abstract element. Drupal seems a bit more straightforward in that it allows you to organize abstract pieces of information in classes, and use them however you like. It lacks however the core elements to allow you to start using it day one No wysiwyg, no file uploading and so on and you have to do lots of homework to find what modules you actually need.

Personally I am using Joomla most of the time. I am using it since before it was called Joomla Mambo anyone? I would not use it for non-article sites though. For Drupal, once you find a setup that works for you it is very nice, but you need to spend some time actually designing your needs, which tends to make non-technical people and people on a tight schedule bored.

Many extensions have addressed this problem over time, but is a shame that the core has always remained centered around the menu structure. This is a great succinct comparison. Some common complaints about WordPress are that if the site grows to large, it can require significant server resources to keep up. I run a 2, page site on WP with very few problems. I converted it from Joomla due to the battle of upgrading every time a new version appeared.

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I do not have those problems with WP. Migration from one version to the next is easy. I use a plugin to clean the site regularly, the database under WP will grow very large unless it is correctly managed and cleaned. I have no problems with speed providing I properly maintain the site.

Web Accessibility and Joomla [on a budget] - Aimee Maree Forsstrom

I completely get you. Though, sometimes you may need a bit more robust server for hosting such a big site. That being said, I enjoy using WordPress. What does this mean for me? Thank you for the fantastic information! I found a good comparison in this post. It seems that most of the internet marketers are using WordPress too. Darman, WordPress is indeed one of the most famous website platforms among many professional internet marketers.

CMS Comparison: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal - WebsiteSetup

I usually avoid reading a whole lengthy article but I honestly have started reading all articles available on this site. Good Work , Robert!

Thanks for sharing such pretty knowledge! I intend the review pages to look something like Wikipedia pages, and then the property listing pages to look something like regular real estate pages. It seems like really solid business plan you have. Have you checked themeforest. Another way is to hire someone from peopleperhour.

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Great article, thanks to the author and all people posting their experience here. So even if i prefer joomla as a developer, I mostly suggest WordPress just because I know the client will be able to manage his website easier later on.

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  • Even my own blog is running on WordPress. Glad I found this site — it helps. I have a question. Between WordPress and Joomla, which would be the best choice for me to create an initial site and then easily clone it to other sites to give the same look and feel but different branding, as completely different sites and domains? I first tried WordPress, but I like Drupal more. Drupal is indeed more difficult to use, but more my cup of tea. Yes, Drupal is much more difficult than WP or Joomla, but… it has endless posibilities. There is no limit with this CMS. Thanks for telling me about it. I will indeed lift the infographic for my blog.

    I am researching providing a CMS to a foundation with members and event ticket sales and donations. It needs to be easy to use for the small staff of the foundation. Thanks for the excellent writing. It was polite, professional and full of gentle advice. I am surely going to try Drupal but NO to Joomla for now. But Rob, what books would you recommend me to buy for me to gain the knowledge. Have you got a list of recommendable books? Thanks for the great comparison. Do you have any information about Social Engine and how that compares with the big three?

    Like what is it that SocialEngine allows you to do but none of the others can and vise versa? Your evaluation of the site really puts me in the right track. I appreciate your time and effort. I am using Joomla before and switched to WordPress for the ease of use. I am a noob on web development and started learning html and css 2 years ago.

    At this stage of my journey to web development. I havent read anything like your article that puts a non-bias evaluation for the 3 CMS. It helps a lot on how I will plan things. I may still go with WordPress for wide community support. Great job in comparing the 3.

    WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal (Comparison)

    Can I make this post as one of my bright sources in doing the animation? Joomla and probably vs. If you are a seasoned user of either CMS system when you look at another, it is bound to be difficult and confusing as you have no knowledge or experience of it. I could easily say the same thing about WP as I have used Joomla for 8 years and know my way around it but WP is an unknown to me.

    Joomla is more difficult to understand. For some people maybe need to be taught to understand Joomla system.