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He grabbed The Weekly Sorcerer and opened it on a random page. A huge picture of Lucy and Gray holding hands was the centrefold along with an interview of the two of them, the headline said: He looked at the picture, Gray had his usual carefree face and Lucy was holding his hand and smiling with both mouth and eyes. Natsu thought about what Cana had told him earlier about how Lucy didn't want to sleep with Gray, why was that?

Gray had told him that it had bothered him a lot, but honestly Natsu didn't understand why. Sure sex was probably a good thing, Natsu really wouldn't know, but he liked to think that just being with a girl you like would be more than enough to make someone happy.

Well, clearly it wasn't enough for Gray, and Natsu suddenly felt angry at Gray for saying something so shallow. It suddenly struck Natsu that it should be him in that picture with Lucy. If it had been him he would hold around her and smile as wide as he could, because he knew he would be happy. Gray just looked like he had better things to do. Just the sight of his face made Natsu want to punch a wall. Natsu held the picture close to his face and held his hand over that stupid Gray.

He looked deep into picture-Lucy's eyes. Those big brown eyes stared back at him and he got a warm and fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Not the usual type of warm feeling, no it was something else. He laid down on the bed and let the magazine fall to the floor. He looked up in the ceiling and let out a loud sigh. Why was he suddenly feeling so sad and alone? Was it because of the picture, the thought of Gray holding Lucy?

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Or maybe he had eaten some bad flames? All he knew is that he had an empty feeling inside him and it made him want to cry out. He soon fell asleep but it was a troubled sleep, full of nightmares and sadness.

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The dream ended with Lucy leaving his team, leaving him. He tried to reach out to her, he had to make her stay. It was too late, she was already in the arms of another. Cold arms, the ice-bastards arms. The next day started bad for Natsu, the dream from the night before was haunting him and the empty feeling was still like a stone in his gut.

He went out the door with a sleepy Happy flying next to him. Of course it was raining. The grey clouds felt like soul sucking cotton-monsters. Happy felt Natsu's bad mood, but he knew the dragon slayer better than anyone, and in a time like this Natsu was better left alone.

Natsu was slowly walking the familiar path to the guild, the rain pouring down his face like streams out to the ocean. Natsu didn't even know why he was in such a bad mood.

It couldn't have been just some bad flames. It had to be something else. He entered the guild soaking wet. Mira yelled at him to dry off and not drip all over the floor. He lit himself on fire and poofed out all dry, still with a gloomy look on his usually happy face.

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He saw Happy sitting with Carla and Wendy. For some reason he didn't want to talk to Happy, or anyone for that matter. He wanted to go home and sleep. Cana, Levy and a still depressed Juvia waved him over to them. Well, Juvia didn't really care at all, but she was there. Cana and Levy looked at each other, they both had the same thought. Natsu sat down and rested his chin in his palms. Just then Lucy and Gray walked in the door, holding hands under the same umbrella.

Gray immediately saw Natsu's depressed face and grinned. He gave Lucy a big wet kiss, slapped her ass and went to order a drink from Mira.

Lucy was left standing in the doorway, looking a little confused. Then she saw Natsu sitting with the other girls and headed in their direction.

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The girl who doesn't get picked will pick three others and film the dates! Whichever date is the winner, the couple will get a prize! Starting with Gray, then Natsu then Gajeel then Elfman. Hey look, makes an ice locket this is for you. Gray leans in, slowly enclosing Lucy's lips on his. Lucy kisses back, softly, unlike Gray who's kissing passionately. His hands find her back and he pulls her in closer. Lucy puts her arms around his neck and comes up for air. They look deep into each other's eyes. Gray swoops back in and kisses up Lucy's neck.

She puts her head up. His lips travel up her neck and find her lips and they kiss as if it will be their last.

Natsu, you wanted to be on a date with Lucy didn't you? You really like her.

And I think she likes him more than me. Natsu quickly presses his lips against hers, and Lisanna kisses back. Gray looks so irritated because of it so he decided to go to Lucy "oh hi Gray! But then he notice that she's been sweating a lot "you've been sweating a lot…"as gray ask to her "I think I'm getting heatstroke, it's too damn hot" as Lucy complained more "yeah you look so damn hot in that bikini, but I'm happy that you chose this. Lucy are you alright now? Episode 13 north wind and sushine Chapter 15 snow strawberry runes Chapter 16 back up plan The author would like to thank you for your continued support.