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Middle pic replacement panel I just made for broken out French windows in rental. Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. Left corporate job to live dream: Open to the possibility of a great relationship one day with the right lady. Some of the authors whose books I have read: Have you read The Essene Gospel of Peace? It teaches some startling things about Natural Healing.

Casual style - although I have told me that "I clean up well". If there is time, I make carved Christmas gifts - see rocking triceratops on facebook link to website. I used to bandsaw heart shaped boxes by hand. Wood carver shop an hour west of Chicago. One of my goals is to train vets some of these skills - to keep them interested in life. I am becoming even more: I am building a 'Sprout-Ponics' Tower. Grow fresh food in your kitchen, all year - automagically! Lasagna, soup, pies, cookies. Even Made Pizza Oven - that uses branches that fall from the trees.

She asked, "Are you giving these to me? Eric is a 33 year old, Atheist male. I've been wondering for a long time now if there is anyone out there for me. If you are out there it pains me to think about how much of our lives we have spent apart. I'm so sorry for that. It's been more than a decade and I've done everything possible to try and find you.

It should have happened by now. Maybe you don't exist or something tragic happened and we never got to meet. I like politics, technology, science, problem solving, globalism, history, and fitness. I'm a generous lover. I have been told I am calm and smile and laugh easily. I can also be thoughtful and romantic. If I like you I won't be too critical. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Don't mistake this for obtuseness or weakness. I'd like to meet a woman who is athletic, accomplished, beautiful, and affectionate.

In return, I pledge the following: A voyage at one of my biannual parties: Bootcamp to my favorite beat. I'm a disciplined fitness aficionado, and when the dance music starts, you and me will bear crawl to the top, even if I have to carry you on my back all about teamwork, baby!

After a good workout, we'll hit the tennis courts I'm a 3. I've actually had to work at this one, but it's paid off: I strive to be the best-dressed man in the room people often steal my ensemble for their own Living in Antioch , Illinois Vegetarian diet. Face to Face is where its at, but I'll give this a shot. Everybody says they think I'm in my twenty's Somebody the other day thought I was my daughters boyfriend I really don't act my age Not that im immature Selected few "get" me.

I have a young heart. I'm not a player or friend collector I've never even had a Facebook account.. I play in a band sing and play guitar , and have always since I was in high school different bands so cliche lol. Living in Rockford , Illinois Vegan diet.

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Hi my name is Anthony. I have to be honest I am not a terribly exciting guy. I live alone at my house with my cat ChiChi who is the love of my life. I am 27 years old and work as a Registered Nurse.

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Most of my days consist of me working, occasionally exercising and laying around with my cat. By reading this I can understand if you seem excited to meet me.

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Rich is a 53 year old, Christian male. Living in Buffalo Grove , Illinois Vegetarian diet. Where to begin, there is more to me than just a few short paragraphs can tell. It is hard to tell you about my inner self other than to say I know the value of life. I know all animals have interests and can be benefited or harmed. I have a hard time watching a movie when an animal is harmed even if it fictional. Overall, I cannot help but give a handout to animal that comes to my door with a bowl in his paws. A little bit more about me is that I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons. In addition to believing in animal rights, I am very interested in history.

My favorite topic would be biographies on some people I admire.

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I enjoy playing with my dogs and watching documentaries. I find most everything interesting so I am rarely bored. Ana is a 24 year old, Catholic female. Living in Aurora , Illinois Almost veg diet. Im boring, i like to be alone alot, i like going to the movies, walking my dog, read, and sleep.

Pawel is a 37 year old, spiritual male. Living in West Chicago , Illinois Vegan diet. Few years back I realized how little I need in life. I feel at peace, even when I am mad.

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I feel complete, even though I'm writing my profile on a dating site looking for You: I was born in Poland, went to college there. In came to the US, finished college here.

I talk with an accent. Currently I work in a profession that has nothing to do with my schooling. I like what I do a lot.

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Love traveling, music, jack fruit, hiking, mango, swimming, salads without dressing, biking, dry dates, camping and all kinds of outdoor activities. I love mountains, desert, forest and ocean. Major cities are not my thing and yet I live in one: Since I discovered benefits of raw vegan diet and fasting my life has changed for better.

Yet I "lost" a lot of what I used to consider precious. My perfect dream life is to be shared with You in tropics, while breathing clean air, feeling warm breeze from the ocean, eating healthy, staying intellectually, spiritually and physically active and living out of my own web based business. Living in Schaumburg , Illinois Almost veg diet. When I escape, I will be pursuing my nutritionist, Francophile, graphic designer dreams.

Amanda is a 36 year old, Christian Baptist female. Living in Taylorville , Illinois Vegan diet.