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They are detailed below. See the section on early independent labels for further discussion of thi. Some use Columbia catalog n umb ers. The actual connection of the inventor, Marconi, with this label is not known. The label was pressed c. The label was short-lived. These labels were pressed for Sears, Roebuck and Company q.

The following labels were also pressed by Columbia. This was a line of S-inch records pressed for sale in Sand-lO-cent stores from until about Some were made by the artists who cut the selection for Columbia, but most used "house" artists. The earliest have an embossed "label" and later issues have a small paper labe-L first yellow then orange.

It was drojiped in , along with the other low-priced labels. It was also pressed and sold in Canada, and early Canadian issues carry a slightly different price notice. This was a lower-priced 35 cent label which appeared in It used sides recorded for Harmony, but paired them differently, and some Brides appear to have been cut for Clarion only. This label was pressed for the W.

The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide II

Grant chain of stores from to The issues duplicated Harmony and were numbered in parallel but higher and with a C suffix. Columbia pressed records for a number of movie studios including the original Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer record! The name was also used by Sears, which may be the reason for the change. It duplicateed Harmony with numbers KXH higher and a -V suffix until , when it began using distinct pairings and numbers. It also pressed and sold in Canada but there is no significant difference in Canadian issues.

No client or subsidiary labels drew from the higher-priced Ciolumbia line from onward. Some which may appear to contradict that statement are from the series below. Columbia provided the service of recording and pressing records for anyone for a set price. Some were identified as Col umb ia product, but others appeared on individual labels numbered in the -P sequence, or bore catalog numbers in their own sequences. Columbia operated Okeh as a separate company from until , and the name was used until at least and twice thereafter, from to and from onward, as a subridiary labeL Okeh had its own s ubsidiar y labels, even after the Criumbia acqurition, and these are detailed under Okeh as welL 13 DEGCA In , the recwd industry was at rock bottom.

Prior to this, lower-priced labels generally featured lesser talent while the stars appeared on the expensive labels.

In Decca negotiated an agreement with the Compo Gmpany q. It was eventuaRy acquired by the giant Music CorpwaticHi of America, and the Decca name was dropped, although recently revived for a reissue series. Brunswick was used by Decca and onward and Vocalion from about onward.

The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide II

Those series are listed under the label names in question, and the history under the Brunswick name in the American Record Corporation section. This deal included rights to the Cennett matrices stiR in existence, and to the ChamjHon label as weR, Decca continued the Champion label from until mid, issuing both Cemiett material and new recordings, in popular, country and race scries; these series are listed imder CHAMPION in the Cennett section.

Berliner, meanwhile, moved to Montreal, where he set up his own firm; the Berliner firm drew from VicUn and was acquired by them in see Gompo for details! Victor rapidly became the most successful company in the record industry, selling millions of discs yearly- In , Johnscm sold the bocnning firm to a banking syndicate, who in turn sold it to RCA in , when the companies were merged into the RCA Victor Corpcnation this was not used as a label credit until RCA considered dropping record operations during the depressfcm, but instead brought out lines of lower-priced reonds.

When Columbia announced the LP record in After the injunction was overturned and Victor organized, the ZondXPhone firm faltered and was ta ken over by Victor in Victor pressed a line of records under that nam e until , idegatifiaUe by their dark green paper labels. The following are subsidiary labels, as well as the few client labels, pressed by VictOT.

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BLUEBIRlh The most successful oi a group of lower-juiced labels introduced in , Bluelurd first ajqieared as an 8iach record before the lOinch issues starting in The label was issued until , and the name used as a series on RCA Victor in Thus for race or coun- try issues started the August, issue. See the series below. All numbers are estimated as this material was often held. From this point, race and country issues were numbered amiliir to the popular issues see Banner but the issue number started at 5L 16 A. The earlier issues use a matrix series, and onward use the ARC matrix series.

Almost any record bearing a matrix number from up is likely to be using this materiaL Unless the date ob- tained from the matrix number is contradicterl by other information, this provides a means of dating minor, for- eign or unknown la- bels not listed in the Guide. At this point, the recording opera- tions of the three laiel groups were combined. Some sides were recor- ded in the Plaza studio; these bore a number in the matrix scries of the issuing label and may or may not have shown the Plaza matrix in the wax.

This practice was discontinued in mid- October of The Plaza studio was no longer used, and ail labels u. In a few cases, a side recorded earlier for one label might appear later on another group with an assigned "mat- rix" n umb er. It was also issued exten- sively on British labels as welL L X: A few Plaza labels see below used the con- trol series listed and did not show the true matrix.

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From July to October , ARC matrices were assigned numbers in the Plaza, Clameo and Pathe series with the true matrix shown under the label unless on Plaza labels only and mastered in the Plaza series and a con- trol in the appropriate series on the label for all labels and in the runout of the Plaza labels. The la- bels of these often show a control numb er which may be in the wax as well - see each label for details.

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The series was used on all Libels listed or named in this section. Brunswicks and Melo- ones use a 1 B prefix. A series was used on the inirial issue of Domina Some items in this series do not seem to have been issued elsewhere, al- though they may have unknown matrix num- bers in the SOCKfs. Recor- ding activities were generally sporadic at these locations and it is thus impossibh ; to estimate dates by numbers in the se- quence since the loca- tions were often visi- ted only once or twice per year or so.

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To ARC O series. No data the next page. Super- Issues prior to is available on these tone see under Sears use a separate number matrices.

It was continued for ethnic issues, mostly polkas, Init no dates are known except the fol- lowing issue: After July the label name was changed to Okeh but the series continued and earlier records still in the catalog retained their number. Vocalions issued prior to the Brunswick take- over in used a number of various ser- ies for higher-priced and ethnic issues. No data is available on these issues, and most such series contained only a handful of items. All pressed prior to can be dated by use of the matrix numbers q.

Vocalions were pressed in Canada, but all known issues dupli- cated U. VocaHon issues except for the colour of the records. New series recorded by Brunswick: Exact last numerical and Last Rmneo issue unknown. For details of the race series J see Oriole whose 8 X 0 series this paralleled. These can be dated by using matrices below. On la- bel of all issues. From their mid merger. See Perfect for ARC details. As noted, from about Pathe matrix on, the recording efforts of the com- bined Cameo and Pathe were united, although separate takes and in some cases sep- arate recordings were used on eacL Each label shows only a number in its own matrix series, unless the side was cnt for one label and Later issued on another; in that case.

Cameo-based labels usually show the Pathe matrix under the label and a Cameo matrix on the label, while Pathe-based iss- ues show the Cameo matrix under the label occasinally with a number in their own series as well. Issues using series have the num- bers in the runout also 6'20 Ends?

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Date by Pathe matru. Prefixes indi- cated the cut of the final record. E matrices are in the Compo q. Most of the latter, except fw such Masterworks series for which data is known. Items with other suffixes are special series, such as "-F" ethnic and "jG", also not listed; some can be dated by matrix number.

CBS restarted label at in q.