He is dating his ex again

Find a way to live your life without it, because that is what you have to do for now. But he was the only one person I shared everything with. Now I am sitting here without any friends, lost my boyfriend cum best friend and have nothing to do with my life. I know I cannot force him to love me, I just need him even though as friends but I need to talk to him everyday like things were before.

I just need a closure, or I will go mad!!

Is it right to date someone new when you're not over your ex?

No one gives you closure, you get it yourself. He already said enough, there is nothing left he wants to say. I was with my boyfriend just over a year. He, his friends and family all spoke negatively about his ex. I respected what he said and we spoke about her no more.

A week before we broke up I had found out through his family that she had got in touch again after having no contact what so ever face to face or through social media for almost 2 years. All his family and friends told me was that I had nothing to worry about as they hated each other. I ended it because his whole attitude changed with me when they got in contact.

A week after ending it I heard that he had started seeing her. I feel like for a year I was used, I gave him everything I could and all through our relationship I was putting most of the effort to keep it afloat, he had before getting with me suffered with depression and I believe he had mild bipolar which his ex has severely. Was I anything to him, we had some amazing times and we got on so well, we could talk about anything with each other and we went through a lot, so for him to go back to someone he was with for less that 3 months confused me so much when we had such a good relationship to be ruined by them both getting in touch again.

This happened to me just a few months ago. They broke up in April and we didnt start going out until July, a month later he doesnt even tell me that he wants to get back with her and just does it without even telling me but i found out thorugh her messgaing me off his phone, so im really upset about eveerything still and i dont know how to change and get over everything…. April — July is 3 months between relationships. That is WAY too short a time to get over a relationship and to be ready to start a new one. This just happened to me this week.

We have been together 3 years and 1 month. They were horrible when they were together and both miserable. They have 3 kids and she is not a great mom. He went from my house to hers in the same day. It makes me sick. I should have known since they had a history years ago of getting back together and also because he had not finalized their divorce.

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Live and learn I guess but it sure hurts. I never thought it would end like that. He is not even single enough to be your boyfriend but you think he is going to marry you? This is not a good man. He is a liar, a cheater, and a manipulator. It is your life, you do want you want.

Dating Advice: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Isn't Over His Ex--Part 1

If you want to waste your time with someone who is using you, then that is on YOU. Your parents would not want you to marry some man who lies, cheats, and treats you like garbage. You have been his little affair on the side, nothing more. Sorry if this hurts you, but you need to hear the truth. What you do with it is up to you. He was back with his wife!

My baby father was in a relationship with his ex 2 years ago they were together for 5 years and got pregnant by other man she was cheating on him with males and females I met him a year ago and got pregnant right away we were fighting since the beginning of the relationship I always kept leaving him and he kept coming back and I will take back thinking he will change his abusive ways now that my baby is born I found out he was cheating on me with his ex he says it happened bc I kept leaving him and made him feel unwanted its the truth he was so abusive I just wanted him gone bit idk why is hurting me to know he is back with her.

I am so confused.

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It hurts because you found out another way he treated you bad. Stay away from that abusive man and his behavior and find someone that will treat you right. You deserve better and so does your child. Thanks for your quick response. I see a lot of stories here similar to mines so a lot of my questions have been answered.

All I do is pray to God that he takes all good and bad feelings I have for him I still cry everyday because I wanted a family I been thru so much in life and also had a lot of unfaithful man and I thought he was the one but once I got pregnant everything changed it turned into a nightmare. I work a full time job have my own apartment and pay my own bills his mother takes care of my baby its been 3 weeks since I told him to get his things and leave so everyday that I drop or pick my baby I feel anxious and nervous feel down inside.

Sometimes I get so mad I want to grab my phone and let him know my pain and say mean things but I know i will only be giving him power over me once again. I dated some guy God two years and i had to leave him. He was an addict. He harassed me and did anything to get my attention.

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I moved on with my life. He started dating this girl who was a worse addict with two girl by two different men and shes nit even 20 yet. She dosent have either of the kids. They broke up and months later me and him got back together because i love him and he was clean sober. We broke up for a day and he slept with her. I found out because it was on video that got sent to me two days ago in the moring. I dont know if i should stay or leave. Is that considered cheating to anyone??. He never told me he just lied to my face. I had to beg him for hours to tell me the truth.

This article makes since but did i get left for her and brought back because she dont want him anymore? So me and my boyfriend recently broke up. We had been together for a little over 8 months. A few days after we hit 8 months, as well as a few days after my last time seeing him, he broke up with me, through text. It was so random and caught me entirely off guard. I had just seen him a few days prior and we had a great day. So instantly I cried. I began thinking of everything I did wrong and what would make him leave me like that.

Finally, after a few days of crying of course, I text him. Which caused me to cry all over again. But, the next day I texted him once again.


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He stated I was needy Which I was already aware of. I mean I warned him when we got together I was needy so nothing new there AND that a girl from his past had came back around and they fell for each other. I was so shocked. Even though 8 months may not been a long time, we still went through so much together , so for him to throw away all of it in a day for a girl was shocking.

It just seemed out of character for him since he had been such a great guy through the whole relationship.

Tell if He Is Still in Love with His Ex - 15 Sure Signs

He began to follow in my footsteps and do the same. He never mention her being an Ex to me before so I was unaware that she and him had a history together. He then finished off with How he know I must hate him, but I need to move on from this anger and enjoy life. I also added that I respected his choice because she was first and that I wish him well. I apologized for my silly posts Which I took down, as a agreement that he take his down too and thanked him for telling me the honest truth. I told him I understood and I wished him nothing but the best.

You have a greater life, honestly, you truly deserve it. I did cry once more. Yes, I understood his reason because once upon a time I felt the same thing. I loved a man and thought that if he ever came back, Id drop the person I was with for him. But I got over that quickly once I met my now ex. I mean we were each others first.

He had many problems Depression, Anxiety, Family issues, Health problems, etc but I still stuck by him through it all. Off doing who knows what. I want him back. Yes, he has many problems.